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Why Synthetic Grass

- Natural Grass vs. Synthetic Turf

A common decision for homeowners is how they want their yard to look, and Southwest Greens can help with that. Pondering between natural grass and synthetic turf should be one of the more important decisions for home and business owners and that is where Southwest Greens comes in.

While natural grass is a viable option, it does require constant maintenance from mowing to watering during the dry season to keeping the weeds pulled out of your garden. Artificial grass, or synthetic turf, on the other hand, is eco-friendly and at Southwest Greens, we are an industry leader in performance, durability as well as aesthetics. So, if you live in Florida and are tired of spending your free time constantly mowing, weeding, trimming and watering your lawn, then Southwest Greens can help you decide on an alternative to natural grass.

Synthetic turf is sometimes referred to as “carpet grass,” as it is just like walking on soft, lush carpet that – and here’s the best part – looks just like natural grass! Here are just some of the benefits to synthetic turf.

Natural grass vs. synthetic turf

In addition to maintenance, or lack thereof, cost is a major deciding factor when choosing synthetic turf over natural grass. The former may be the more expensive option at first but in the long run, you will be saving a lot of money. Within the first couple of years of purchasing synthetic turf from Southwest Greens, your investment will pay for itself as you will not have all the care and aforementioned costs that come with natural grass. Outside of a leaf blower or rake to keep the leaves away, you will be saving so much money on tasks that would otherwise constantly dip into your budget with natural grass.

Synthetic turf from Southwest Greens is especially beneficial if you have kids and/or pets. Given how much fun and time they spend in the yard, kids and pets ultimately have a negative impact on your yard in terms of condition. Given how rough kids and pets can be when they play, dead patches are ultimately created leaving your lawn both unattractive and difficult to maintain. Southwest Greens offers an alternative not only for kids and pets, but for the entire family. Whether you’re planning a BBQ, a family reunion or a game of football, you can have unlimited fun without having to worry about the state of your new lawn as it will look as beautiful as it did when you made that first kickoff, flipped the first burger or that welcomed that first uncle who loves to dance.

 The benefits of synthetic turf outweigh anything on the other side.

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natural grass vs. synthetic turf

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