Nomie Shock

August 28, 2017
August 28, 2017

It’s still pretty surreal to me and the family right now to be able to putt from the top of the green down to the bottom and the balls not roll off into the landscaping. We pretty much got used to using half the green and that’s how we approached it day in and day out. The renovation SW greens did has created so much more play time, games and practice we’re besides ourselves (especially me)! Your crew did an amazing job and cleaned up very nicely, great job on their part. Walter I can’t possibly thank you enough for putting up with me for so long but in the end it’s a win win for both of us. Please pass my appreciation on to your crew and of course your owner for making this happen and providing us with our perfect little backyard playground.

Nomie Shock, Scaffold Regional Manager
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