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Pets on an Artificial Lawn

Cleaning Up After Your Pet on an Artificial Lawn

Contrary to popular belief, artificial lawns are pet-friendly. But unlike conventional lawns, where you might scour your yard once a week or before you mow it to clean up your pet’s droppings, artificial lawns require a bit more attention to avoid permanent damage. What’s more is that with an artificial lawn, you don’t just have feces to worry about cleaning up, but urine too.

But fear not! Just because you have an artificial lawn doesn’t mean you need to get rid of Fido. You simply need to know how to maintain your lawn when a pet is in the picture. Here are some tips on how to do it:

  • – Urine: Cleaning urine falls largely into a weekly maintenance plan. You should be taking your garden hose at least once a week and giving your turf a good spray down. Aside from urine, this ensures that dirt, dust, and debris are also being removed. Spray in one direction so that everything leaves the surface of your turf and doesn’t just relocate. Also use a deodorizing and sanitizing product once a month or so to ensure the turf surface is clean and odor-free.
  • – Feces: Dealing with hard waste is a bit trickier and time consuming, as in most cases it’s best to remove the waste immediately. This is especially true if it’s damp or rainy weather and the waste can break down and spread around further. Use gloves and spot treat the area with a bleach water solution. The one exception to immediate hard waste removal is if it’s hot outside. In these situations, it’s usually best to let the sun do its job hardening the waste, which will then make it easier to remove.

So don’t think that just because you have pets you can’t have artificial grass – that’s far from the truth! For more information on cleaning up your pet’s business on artificial lawns, and for more about artificial grass, contact the synthetic turf Florida experts at Southwest Greens of Florida today.

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