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Whether you own or operate a major course, mini-golf putting greens, or a driving range, maintaining your artificial turf is essential to preserving its lifespan. Fortunately, most southwest Florida artificial putting greens only require periodic maintenance, but a major storm or excessive use can take a toll. If your synthetic turf greens have seen better days, here’s what a professional artificial grass installation professional can do for you.

Artificial Putting Green Maintenance: Why Calling a Professional is Best

Many Florida artificial putting green installation companies don’t care to offer maintenance services, and many who do take a few too many shortcuts. However, top synthetic turf companies will do the job right, which entails:

  • – Thorough Cleaning: A power broom machine works best for loosening up debris in top dressings, particularly for sand-infill turf setups.
  • – Turf Brushing: After the cleaning process, a brushing of the fibers will fluff them up, even them out, and remove crimping. This leaves the surface looking brand new, refreshed, and appealing to players.
  • – Sand Replacement: Any washed out sand must be replaced to maintain the course and turf’s integrity – particularly important for major courses where a certain lie is expected.
  • – Surface Roll: Golf balls must roll at proper speeds, and only experienced artificial putting green installation experts know how to lightly roll turf surfaces for perfectly true putts and proper ball acceleration.
  • – Restoring Seams: Seams can become problematic on larger putting greens when storms or disturbances foster seam splitting and greater visibility due to sand washouts. Maintenance procedures should include the addition of some top dressing to restore the natural grass appearance of the green.

The next time your artificial turf begins showing signs of wear, call an artificial grass expert from Southwest Greens of Florida.

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