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Learn How Our Artificial Grass Options Can Improve Your Home

If you’re tired of stressing over lawn maintenance and worrying about brown patches, unseemly holes, and discoloration, then it’s time to consider a superior alternative. Southwest Greens is your premier artificial grass provider with nearly two decades of experience in commercial and residential installation.

Top Quality Artificial Turf and Synthetic Grass

Whether you need to cover up a driveway or replace the natural grass found in your courtyard, Southwest Greens’ artificial turf provides a durable and sustainable alternative that closely mimics the look of natural grass. This option will save you the money and time that you would otherwise pour into maintaining your law. Artificial grass also carries the following benefits:

  • Year-round green look for your lawn

  • Little to no maintenance required

  • Save hundreds of gallons of water every year

  • Prevents development of holes and patches

  • Eliminates pests and weeds without the need for dangerous pesticides

The Elegance of Pavers and Grass Strips

Pavers and grass strips are quickly becoming a trend in lawn and courtyard design. Having vibrant, green artificial grass between concrete pavers year-round makes your driveway or patio really pop.

Our installation is effective in that it will withstand the wear of walking and vehicles over the years. Artificial grass strips do not require maintenance and unlike natural grass, you won’t have the headache of trying to maintain the color throughout the year.  

Keeping Your Artificial Grass Cool with HydroChill

HydroChill Home is our proprietary synthetic grass and artificial turf cooling system. One of the very few downsides to synthetic lawns is that in those hot summer months, some forms of artificial grass can become very hot.

HydroChill is applied directly to a synthetic lawn, creating a coating that is activated when watered. This innovative substance removes the heat from the surface of the synthetic grass, dropping temperatures by over 50 degrees in some cases. The effects of HydroChill last for several days, maintaining your new lawn cool to the touch.

Time to Make the Change?

Artificial grass looks amazing year-round, takes no time to maintain, and can save you money. When it’s time to make the call, make sure it goes to the experts that will provide you with industry-leading service. Contact Southwest Greens today to discuss your options and get a free quote!



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You’ve done your research, you’ve narrowed down your choices, now… it’s time to choose the best!  Quality work with quality products = no hassle and beautiful results!  Contact Southwest Greens and know… you’ve made the right choice!