How Safe is Artificial Grass in West Palm Beach?

November 3, 2016
November 3, 2016

There comes a point, in the middle of the Florida summer, where you look at all the dead spots in your lawn and think to yourself there must be a better way. Well there is! Southwest Greens provides lush, real looking artificial grass in West Palm Beach that keeps your curb appeal top-notch all year round.

Like any home renovation, there is a lot to consider when thinking about installing artificial grass. Many homeowners may be hesitant to move away from natural grass, and install a synthetic product, due to safety concerns.

At Southwest Greens, our priority is creating a safe place for the entire family to enjoy.

When it comes to natural grass, it is almost impossible to maintain a lush looking lawn without the use of chemicals. Between fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides it’s anybody’s guess at how many chemicals are actually sitting on your lawn.

With artificial turf, chemical maintenance is not required! All you need to keep your artificial lawn looking fresh is a leaf blower. With artificial grass, there is no digging or eating grass from your furry friend, so you can ensure your pets stay healthy.

If your kids love to roughhouse and tumble in the backyard, synthetic playground turf can be a better choice than natural grass. With a rubberized underlay that meets ASTM Fall Height Standards, an accidental fall or trip can be softened much more than by natural grass.

Southwest Green’s PlayBase™ is produced from 100% pure high-grade polypropylene, resistant to bacteria, chemicals and is non-toxic. The play turf is also 100% recyclable and complies with the highest environmental standards.

With artificial grass in West Palm Beach from Southwest Greens you can be assured your backyard is a safer place for the whole family!

Contact West Palm Beach’s largest supplier and installer of artificial grass, Southwest Greens, to find out how to create a safe, comfortable place for the whole family, right on your doorstep!

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Get safe artificial grass in West Palm Beach from Southwest Greens today! 

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