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Did you know that the average homeowner spends as much as 30% of their annual water consumption on their lawn? That translates to hundreds of dollars every year. Now imagine you have a hospitality business or run an out-door play area or golf club.

Rampant water consumption can hurt your bottom line. Luckily, Southwest Greens offers the highest quality artificial grass in Sarasota to save you money and still keep your locale beautiful.

Is Artificial Grass Durable?

Artificial grass can handle the demands of high traffic sports surfaces or outdoor play areas.  We design and build our products with the highest quality synthetic bolt fibers which have proven to be more resilient than other options. These materials are durable in the short term and resistant to damage for years.

What are the Benefits of Using Artificial Grass for a Play Area?

All our artificial turf and synthetic grass play surfaces are installed with safety in mind. Our play turf is combined with an underlayment that provides up to a nine-foot fall height within the accepted HIC Standards. Not only do these products protect children from impact, but they also have the following additional benefits:

  • A hypoallergenic surface that prevents rashes and breakouts

  • Limits exposure to dangerous chemicals used to maintain natural grass

  • Keeps insects away

How Do I Cool Artificial Grass in the Summer?

With prolonged exposure to the sun, artificial grass can reach high temperatures. To prevent this phenomenon, we’ve created our Hydrochill Cooling System. This product is the only turf surface cooling system that can reduce temperatures by up to 50 degrees.

Do You Want Artificial Grass and Live in Sarasota, Florida?

You’re in luck! Southwest Greens is a premier provider of synthetic lawn and artificial turf from coast to coast. If you’re ready to relieve yourself from the burdens of natural grass, call us today!


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