Synthetic Grass – An Environment Friendly Decision

June 2, 2015
June 2, 2015

Synthetic grass is specially designed to be used in residential lawns, urban and commercial landscapes, sports fields and playgrounds. Today most people prefer to install the artificial grasses rather than the natural ones because they have realized that this man-made turf has many benefits. This has led to the decrease in the popularity of natural grass lawns.

Here are some of the benefits of synthetic grass that people should be aware of: –

1. Low maintenance – Most people now have a busy schedule and so can hardly takeout time to mow, fertilize and water their natural grass lawns. In that case these artificial turfs are ideal as they have relatively required less maintenance. The debris from the grass surface can easily removed and mostly brushes are used for that purpose.

2. Aesthetic look – This grass is made in such a way that they look aesthetically beautiful throughout the year. Even heavy rains or excessive footfall cannot affect their lush green look. That is why many prefer to install them for ornamental purposes.

3. Long Lasting – They are also very long lasting and their life can extend up to 10 years. The grass blades are quite sturdy and UV coated which helps them endure heavy footfall and sun rays. Even they have effective drainage system that helps in quick absorption of the rainwater without making them slippery.

4. Environment friendly – The artificial grass is environmental friendly. Its low maintenance saves water and there is no usage of insecticides, fertilizers and herbicides which makes the grass surface safe for kids and pets. Even the infill is made from recycled rubber and waste materials are also used for the grass.

If you plan on installing the synthetic grass, then you should visit online guides on how to install synthetic grass, in order to make your work seem an easier task to complete. Since their demand is growing with time, they are being manufactured in varying colors and size as well as shape of the grass blades that you could know more about through these guides!

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