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- Synthetic Grass in Florida | What is Infill?

There are a lot of words that are associated with artificial turf. One of these terms happens to be infill. You have probably heard of infill before, however, that doesn’t mean that you know exactly what it is. Keep reading to find out what infill is and what types are used for synthetic grass in Florida.

What is In-Fill?

Infill is a tufted piece of backing that supports synthetic grass in Florida. It services two main purposes. First, it supports the artificial grass blades and helps them remain upright while also giving it the look and feel of natural grass. Secondly, it gives artificial turf its bounce or cushion. Ultimately, infill gives synthetic grass in Florida many of its qualities that make it such an appealing landscape option.

What Types of In-Fill Are Used for Synthetic Grass in Florida?

The most commonly used infill for synthetic grass in Florida is washed and rounded silica sand. Crumb rubber can also be used for infill, however it is only used when it’s required for athletic fields or playgrounds that need to resist compaction and achieve GMAX performance standards. Other infill options exist, such as GeoFill, but they are costly and don’t possess nearly as many benefits.

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synthetic grass in florida what is infill

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