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- Synthetic Grass in Florida | Why Artificial Turf Fields Are Better

Artificial turf is a synthetic form of natural field turf used in sports. Most synthetic turf is made from a rubber, polyester or foam backing, topped with “blades” of individual fibers made of polypropylene or nylon blends. Let’s take a look at why this type of synthetic grass in Florida is better for sports, especially football, soccer, and rugby.

Cost and Maintenance

While the initial cost of installation right out of the gate might be more for artificial turf, the maintenance costs tend to be significantly less. Natural grass requires regular watering, fertilizing, mowing, seeding and pest control, which can cost several thousand dollars a year in parts and labor. While artificial turf does require some maintenance such as brushing and watering, overall it is less rigorous and expensive than with natural grass.

Impact on Game Play

Artificial turf fields allow groundskeepers more control over field consistency. Every blade of artificial turf is manufactured to be exactly like the one next to it, leaving no pockets or uneven areas. Synthetic grass is also woven into secure backing, giving players more secure footing and allowing for more precise turning and stopping.

What is synthetic grass in Florida?

All Weather Use

Natural grass can be easily affected by the elements. Extreme weather can damage or even ruin natural fields. Synthetic turf playing fields remain uniform and consistent, season after season, rain or shine.

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