Incorporating a Synthetic Lawn for Playgrounds

February 26, 2016
February 26, 2016

A Synthetic lawn for your playground is one way to evolve into a safer playing area for children. Safety should always come first and since kids will be kids, when they’re outdoors playing the last thing on their minds is safety. But that’s something we can control. Playgrounds have gone from concrete and gravel to woodchips and even sand. Artificial turf has started to catch on to many communities as they are finding them to be safer and reduce overall injuries for children.

Incorporating a Synthetic Lawn for Playgrounds

The idea of installing artificial grass turf in playgrounds is a great idea, and there are many reasons why it’s starting to become a new trend at schools and community playgrounds. Here are a few reasons why we think artificial turf is a great option for every playground:

It offers an area clear of debris

Clearing artificial grass is much simpler than live grass. To clear the artificial grass of sticks, twigs leaves and other debris a leaf blower can be used. With artificial grass any type of debris is easily visible, which can prevent children from stepping on harmful objects.

The surface is safer for children

Padding can be added in areas where children are more likely to fall to offer more protection. With artificial grass, children will experience less injuries and falls which always occur with adventurous and curious children. It is safer overall and has less impact on their little bodies. Woodchips threaten children with more scrapes and splinters and concrete threatens them with breaks and painful scrapes. But with artificial turf, children will experience softer impacts on the lush bouncy surface.

It’s an easier surface for children to run and play on

Turf was meant for athletes! Athletes who practice on sports turf fields are running and rolling around, falling and impacting one another. Children pretty much move around the same way when they’re playing. Installing artificial turf in playgrounds will give your children a more optimized and enhanced playing area for them!

Just like the many mini golf courses we have installed, we can customize playgrounds to turn your fantasy playground into reality. Children and families will love the durability of synthetic turf. It can withstand high traffic and requires very little maintenance. Less maintenance means more playing time for kids!

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