Synthetic Lawns in Orlando | What Do Artificial Grass Blades Look Like?

November 9, 2016
November 9, 2016

It’s no secret how beautiful synthetic lawns in Orlando appear after they are installed. Unlike natural grass, these lawns are luscious, green, and healthy all year long. But just as there are a variety of heights and colors of artificial grass, there are also a variety blade shapes. What do artificial grass blades look like? There are several different types of synthetic grass blade shapes. Each blade shape serves a different purpose and possesses its own advantages for your lawn. Keep reading to learn about the different shapes of synthetic grass blades!


Synthetic Lawns in Orlando: Shapes of Bladesblade shapes of synthetic lawns in orlando

Oval: Oval shaped fibers are soft while still maintaining durability. This shape is extremely popular for many different landscape installations.

Diamond De-Lustered: Diamond de-lustered shaped fibers are soft, yet sturdy. It is ideal for landscaped grass in both residential and commercial areas. 

Vista: Vista shaped fibers look like the letter “V”. This shape creates a strong feel and enables the turf to be extremely durable.

3D “W”: 3D “W” shaped fibers offer multiple support points. These points allow for these blades to withstand large amounts of pressure and helps the turf bounce back to its original state.


These are just a few of the many blade shapes for synthetic lawns in Orlando. No matter the blade color, height, or shape you desire, Southwest Greens can provide you with the best synthetic lawns in Orlando! We are so confident in our ability to deliver you a quality finished product that we guarantee it. Replace your natural lawn with artificial grass by contacting our professional turf specialists today!

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