Synthetic Lawns in Orlando | Artificial Grass Misconceptions

July 17, 2018
July 17, 2018

If you have considered artificial grass for your home, then you have probably done your homework. You have probably read everything there is to read about synthetic grass lawns and think you know it all. The only problem is, is that not everything you have probably read is true. Here are some common misconceptions about synthetic lawns in Orlando.

It’s a Luxury Item

For most people, the thought of having a synthetic grass lawn is a luxury that they can’t afford. They associate it with luxury living. You might be surprised to hear that it is more affordable than you thought. Sure, the up-front cost might be more than the price of laying down sod. However, over the life of the turf the savings you will see will be substantial. Financing is also available to fit any budget.

It Looks Too Fake

People who have never seen or dealt with artificial grass first hand sometimes think it looks very fake. These days though that is no longer the case. Now more than ever you can get many different types of fake grass that fit exactly what you are looking for. Synthetic grass looks, and more importantly feels just like natural grass.

Who can help me with synthetic lawns in Orlando?

It Gets Too Hot

Since it’s made out of a synthetic material, many people think that the turf gets too hot. While it can get hotter than natural grass, it doesn’t get too hot to the point where it is dangerous or uncomfortable. By applying water, you can instantly cool down the grass, and it won’t result in a mess.

Are You Interested at Synthetic Lawns in Orlando?

At Southwest Greens we want you to be happy with your lawn. That’s we offer a variety of synthetic lawn types and prices to match what you are looking for. Contact us today to learn more.

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