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- Show Off Your Inner LeBron James and Novak Djokovic with Our Basketball & Tennis Courts

At Southwest Greens, we specialize in installing synthetic turf for all of your golfing needs; but we are not limited to golf as we also install playing surfaces for basketball courts and tennis courts.

The innovative sports surface of Southwest Greens brings you interlocking tiles – available for both indoor and outdoor use – which creates a playing surface so forgiving and durable that you and your friends can literally enjoy hours of fun without having to worry about getting hurt or even worn out. This is due to the surface’s shock absorbing qualities which reduce the negative impact to the body.

As an added bonus, every synthetic turf basketball and tennis court can be customized in terms of color combinations and team logos. So, if you want to show off your allegiance, whether it’s to your professional team or your alma mater, you can all while having the peace of mind knowing that your courts are backed by a 10-year warranty.

Whether you’re planning on entertaining friends or simply getting the family into the backyard for some wholesome exercise, you will quickly find that this will be the hangout spot for everyone you know.

Show Off Your Inner LeBron James and Novak Djokovic with Our Basketball & Tennis Courts

So, get your kids to turn off the X-Box and get off the couch and show them what they’re missing out on. Have the kids imagine that they’re the next LeBron James or Steph Curry on the basketball court while you and your friends take turns in channeling your inner Novak Djokovic on the tennis court.

Whatever the case may be, enjoy what Southwest Greens has to offer to the fullest while getting some great exercise and feeling better in the process. Our basketball and tennis courts will not only give your hours of fun, but will make your home become the center of attention, a place everyone will want to come back to, including those standoffish neighbors who you never really met before.

Whether you have the potential for greatness or have zero athletic bones in your body, it is irrelevant. Just go out, have some fun and keep yourself and everyone entertained – and that you have Southwest Greens to thank for with their state-of-the-art basketball courts and tennis courts.

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