Synthetic Turf for Dogs and Pets

May 6, 2016
May 6, 2016

Synthetic turf for dogs is not only a smart move financially but it also comes with peace of mind. We all know that having a dog comes with unlimited joy, but it also comes with a great deal of responsibility – but the latter can be eliminated with the investment of artificial grass from Southwest Greens. While it is always great to see your dog playing in the yard, the impact it has on your grass does take its toll, but it doesn’t have to.

Dogs love to dig and bury their toys or bones in the yard – that is a well-known fact – but with artificial grass, doing so will be very difficult. After all, the synthetic turf for dogs and pets from Southwest Greens is resilient and cannot be torn up easily as natural sod. Southwest Greens brings you synthetic turf for dogs and pets that is durable, tough and able to withstand the majority of pet behavior, giving your dog hours of fun while giving the peace of mind knowing you will not have to deal with holes or dead grass areas. In addition, you won’t have to deal with messy areas or stained spots anymore as artificial grass from Southwest Greens is easy to keep clean.

Synthetic Turf for Dogs and Pets

Not only will you receive the advantages of not having to maintain your lawn, but your artificial grass will be beneficial for your dog as well. Southwest Greens brings you a surface that is both safe and dog-friendly, meaning there are no harsh chemicals that will affect their skin or fur. Also, the artificial grass is 100 percent recyclable, making it a great foundation for pets and kids to play on. But, to point out the obvious, playing isn’t all that dogs do on grass. They also do their business there. You will be pleased to know that pet urine will not stain or damage the artificial grass. As for their other forms of business, simply scoop what needs to go as you would with natural grass with an advantage being that it won’t be lost like it would on a natural lawn that hasn’t been mowed in a while.

It is imperative to note that artificial grass is a solid long-term investment while requiring less care and maintenance than natural grass. The duties of watering, mowing and replacing the dead areas that come with natural sod are non-existent with artificial grass. Having to constantly care for your lawn is unfortunately a money pit for homeowners. With artificial grass, however, a typical payback period can generally save you three to five years which, financially, will save you thousands of dollars in the long run. So, not only will artificial grass save you an enormous amount of money, it will last 12-15 years which makes even the actual replacement of the surface a rarity.

If you’re interested in artificial grass from Southwest Greens, then give us a call or visit us today. We can easily provide you an estimate for your location. Better yet, the technicians can have your new yard installed in no time at all as your pet and child-friendly yard will be ready to go as soon as possible.

So, don’t waste any more time and invest in artificial grass from Southwest Greens today. The move will be easier on your wallet and on your weekend time.

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synthetic turf for dogs

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