Synthetic Turf for Playgrounds – Safe and Cost Effective

May 23, 2016
May 23, 2016

Not only is synthetic turf for playgrounds cost-effective but it is also the safest option for your children as they can spend hours swinging and sliding without having to worry about getting hurt – and that is all thanks to play turf by Southwest Greens. Better, while the safety of your children will give the greatest piece of mind, knowing they can play for hours on end without the possibility of your grass get ruined is just an added bonus.

Play turf by Southwest Greens is Florida’s answer to a soft, clean and safe playground surface. To back this up, Southwest Greens is proud to have Bill Hatfield, the organization’s Certified Playground Safety Inspector, on their side, and also on your side. You will be pleased to know that Bill Hatfield has been in the synthetic turf industry for 10 years, garnering a reputation of being one of the most respected industry experts in the state of Florida, minimizing any chance of injury on top of beautifully-crafted synthetic turf. In addition to health and safety and a lack of maintenance cost with play turf by Southwest Greens, a perfectly manicured appearance is also a bonus.

Within accepted HIC standards, Southwest Greens offers pad underlayment that give up to a nine-foot fall height. With play turf by Southwest Greens, we have an exclusive Brock pad which has a 10-year warranty and will not shrink or deteriorate like recycled foam pads on the market do.

Synthetic Turf for Playgrounds – Safe and Cost Effective

For the safety of your children and loved ones, a shock-absorbent pad underlayment lessens the impact of slips and falls and helps avoid any such issues when the synthetic turf surface is wet. That is because play turf by Southwest Greens is installed with a high-efficiency drainage system so that the surface dries faster, making the most of your children’s playtime. Plus, an even surface is ensured thanks to precise installation processes.

While you can rest easy knowing that play turf by Southwest Greens will cost you considerably less money in maintenance fees, you can rest even better knowing your children are playing in a safe and healthy environment giving them – and you – more time to create lasting family memories.

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