Synthetic Turf Grass Can Help You go Green

February 23, 2016
February 23, 2016

Synthetic turf grass is a great way to show your environment consciousness regardless of what state you live in. In the dryer states, over-using water is frowned upon and in any state limiting the use of chemicals and emissions in our landscaping is important. But at the end of the day, we all want a beautiful looking property whether it’s commercial or residential.

synthetic turf

Synthetic Turf Grass Can Help You go Green

If you have thought about going green by replacing your high-maintenance lawn with synthetic turf grass, you already have the right mindset! Here are some reasons to consider replacing your lawn with artificial grass:

Use Less Water
Most people and business owners actually over-water their lawns. The water consumption to keep grass looking healthy is outrageous. Especially if it is a large property or putting green. Aside from the effects it has on the environment, it can also be hard on your wallets. By installing artificial turf, you can reduce water consumption and save some money.

No More Harmful Chemicals
A perfect manicured lawn does not come easy…and it also comes at a cost, which can be harmful to the environment. It’s tough to avoid using fertilizers and chemicals that protect your lawn from weeds and insects – but those things are also harmful for our environment and also for our pets. Artificial turf does not need chemicals to stop weeds from growing or to look healthy. It will give the look of the perfect lawn without the chemicals.

No More Landscaping Machinery
Lawn mowers, weed whackers and other tools we use to keep our lawns looking trimmed and perfect use gas, which emit emissions into the air and the earth’s atmosphere. You can cut out regular maintenance with artificial grass. With the installation of turf, you can ditch the landscaping machinery and enjoy a perfectly trimmed lawn all year.

Less Contribution to Waste
You might not think about it…but your grass clippings actually contribute to quite a large amount of waste in landfills. Grass clippings actually make up the third largest component of municipal solid waste in landfills according the EPA. Of course you will never need to cut your grass when you have synthetic turf. With that being said you will help eliminate grass clippings from landfills.
For a more environmentally friendly lawn that gives back to our planet without sacrificing the look you want, artificial turf is the perfect alternative. It’s safe, cost effective and great for the environment.

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