What Is My Fake Grass Made Of?

July 11, 2021
July 11, 2021

Over the years, homeowners and business owners are switching to plastic grass in Florida instead of using natural grass for their lawns and backyards. Fake grass offers numerous benefits because of its versatility. It’s a great option for areas that can’t grow real grass. An example is if you live in a condominium and there isn’t enough space for you to grow a lawn.

Condominium living can deprive you of an expansive front lawn, but you can always improvise and that’s what fake grass is for. Most balconies are made of flat concrete with good drainage making it an ideal space to lay your fake grass. Another thing to love about artificial grass is the low maintenance costs.

Compared to natural grass, fake grass doesn’t require much maintenance since it’s made of plastic. This will save you money on a heavy-duty lawn mower, pesticides, and fertilizers and it saves you money on your water bill. 

A modern-day fake grass is cleverly designed that they remarkably resemble natural grass blades. The color and texture are so life-like that they will convince people it’s real. It’s great for homes and playgrounds and the best part is you can use it both indoors and outdoors. 

What makes artificial grass special? The technology used in manufacturing fake grass is continuously improving over the years. The process underwent several tweaks until perfection was attained. Today’s fake grass looks so real that you can’t tell which is natural and which is made of plastic.  

Field with Plastic Grass in Florida

What are the Materials Used in Making Fake Grass?

The quality of the materials used to make fake grass is the secret behind its successful performance. Technology has indeed made it possible to replicate the soft, long, and lush blades of real grass.

The three materials commonly used to make fake grass are polypropylene, polyethylene, and nylon. 

Grass Blades

Grass blades are either made from nylon or polyethylene. The blades consist of thin sheets of nylon that are squeezed out to create fine fibers through a round or oval cross-sectioned pattern.

Nylon blades make for sturdy and good quality fake grass that looks and feels like the real thing. Polyethylene is basically solid but is melted and combined with dyes and chemicals to produce UV-resistant fake grass. 


The thatch is made of polypropylene. It’s an additional layer of support that gives your fake grass cushion. 

Turf Backing

Today’s artificial grass uses polyester tie cords as backing. The grass blades are attached to the turf backing through a machine that ensures the thatch and the grass are stable and secure. 

Cushing System

The cushioning system used rubber compounds or polyester foam. Some companies use recycled rubber or plastic and rubber tires to make the base.  

Car on top of Plastic Grass in Florida

Are You Looking for High-Quality Plastic Grass in Florida?

If you’re thinking about switching to fake grass, go ahead! We’re sure you’ll be happy with the outcome just like the millions of Americans who opted to go artificial. When shopping for fake grass, only buy from reputable companies. 

At Southwest Greens, we take pride in our ability to provide you with a high-quality finished product. This is our commitment to all our clients. Our complete warranty covers turf defects, and our turf installation supersedes all others.

When it comes to quality, our reputation speaks for itself. Get in touch with usby visiting our website to learn more about our products and the services we offer.

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