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Why Choose Synthetic Lawns

Everyone loves the look of lush, green grass spanned across their lawn. However, acquiring perfectly groomed, green grass is difficult, especially in hotter climates. Therefore, artificial grass turf can be the answer for homeowners who desire the look of a lush lawn without the maintenance issues. Below are just are just a few ways synthetic lawns can make life better for Floridians.

Why chose synthetic lawns of Florida?
Artificial grass is hypo-allergenic, clean, and maintenance-free. In fact, the only maintenance required is for homeowners to use a leaf blower to keep their grass looking great. In addition, homeowners can enjoy a BBQ, many forms of recreation, or just walking without shoes on their lawn without the worry of tracking dirt into their homes or hurting their feet in anyway. The synthetic lawns come in a variety of styles and color blends designed to replicate the finest golf course turf.

Great uses for synthetic lawns:
A great way for homeowners to enjoy their synthetic lawns is to create an extraordinary playground. The Brock pad, which is used by synthetic lawns of Florida as a cushion, allows a 9 foot tall fall height. In addition, the Brock pad comes with a 10 year warranty guaranteed to not deteriorate or shrink unlike foam pads commonly found on the market today.

The added safety features of synthetic lawns:
Kids stay safe thanks to the Brock pad, an additional shock absorbing pad that lessens the impact of a child’s slips or falls. It also comes with a state of the art drainage system, ensuring a fast drying surface thus cutting down on falls due to moisture.

In addition to all the safety benefits, a synthetic lawn under a playground is much easier to maintain. Every parent knows how hard it is to mow the grass around playground equipment. It is difficult and time-consuming to the say the least. However, homeowners that install synthetic lawns under their playgrounds won’t have to worry about mowing or trimming around the equipment ever again.

Choosing a synthetic lawn is a wise idea for homeowners everywhere. However, it is even more practical for Floridians who battle the heat and have to maintain their lawns for the better part of the year. The reasons listed above are just a few of the many uses of synthetic lawns. Other positive aspects include the company’s professional installation of the product and their financing options, making obtaining a synthetic lawn possible for every homeowner.

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