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- Why You Should Use Fake Grass For Yards in Florida

When you look out to your lawn in the middle of the day, in the high heat of summer, what do you see? A very common occurrence for lawns in Florida, and other parts of the southwestern United States, is to see burnt, dead grass. Your entire lawn may not be dead, but unsightly dead spots aren’t much better. For homeowners who have installed fake grass for yards in Florida however, it’s a whole different story.

Is fake grass for yards in Florida right for me?

For Florida homeowners who have taken the time to install artificial grass in their yard, they always see a lush looking lawn! Year-round homeowners can be assured their lawn will be looking green, full and pristine—thanks to Southwest Greens.

If you find yourself constantly trying to maintain a lush looking natural lawn, it may be time to consider artificial grass. With a synthetic turf product, there is little to no maintenance required. With a natural lawn you need to water, pick weeds or use a harmful pesticide to maintain a green lawn. With synthetic turf, all you need is a leaf blower!

Aside from burn spots; our pets can also leave unsightly spots on our lawns. With a superior drainage system from Southwest Greens, you won’t have to worry about that anymore!

Take a look around your yard; do you see any areas where the grass is almost always dead? High traffic areas are hard to keep alive and looking healthy and lush. Artificial grass from Southwest Greens is highly durable and ready to handle any and all traffic. You won’t have to worry about certain parts of your lawn looking rundown anymore. Our turf has been made to withstand even the heaviest trafficked areas, leaving your whole lawn looking lush and full!

In the end, artificial turf is much more cost-effective than natural grass. In 15 years, your synthetic turf from Southwest Greens will not fade in color or become patchy. The cost to maintain a natural lawn over that time is much higher than the cost of synthetic turf.

If you want a lush lawn, all year-round then synthetic turf is the right choice for you! To learn more, visit Southwest Greens online today.


why should i use fake grass for lawns in florida

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