Is Artificial Grass Harmful For Kids?

February 5, 2021
February 5, 2021

One of the first things homeowners check before investing is if the product is child-friendly. We can’t blame them. When kids are involved, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Choosing between natural grass and artificial turf in Miami has always been a debatable subject. However, surveys reveal that more and more people today are drawn to fake grass because of its low maintenance cost.

As parents, money isn’t the real issue here; it’s more on safety. Is artificial grass safe for kids? While we’re concerned about cost and aesthetics, nothing is more important than our kids’ safety and well-being. With that said, let’s find out if fake grass is indeed safe for kids.

Where can I get Artificial Turf Miami?

Is Artificial Grass Safe for Children?

What Is Fake Grass Made Of?

The majority of fake grass is made of polyethylene, which is a kind of plastic that manufacturers use to make grocery bags and toys. Some fake grass also includes polypropylene, a kind of plastic used in microwavable containers and other utensils. Furthermore, sometimes they include nylon as a component in fake grass, owing to its heat resistance quality.

All these materials used in making artificial grass are completely safe for kids. So yes, ultimately, fake grass is safe for both kids and pets!

What Makes Up Artificial Grass?

Artificial turf in Miami is made up of 3 parts – a backing material responsible for holding the blades in place, the plastic blades, and the infill that supports the plastic blades. Based on these three basic components, you can see that fake grass is completely safe.

Is Artificial Grass Allergen-Free?

People who use natural grass in their lawn often complain of rashes, runny noses, and itchy eyes. That’s because allergens like pollen and grass can trigger your body’s allergic response. It may also cause asthma attacks. If you have kids who have asthma, it may not be a good idea to use natural grass.

Artificial turf is more child-friendly in the sense that the materials used do not trigger allergies. Plus, they are non-toxic, which means fake grass does not contain harmful chemicals during its production.

The materials used during infill installation are also non-toxic. It’s important to mention that even if you choose artificial grass, you cannot stop an allergic reaction caused by pollen if you live in a neighborhood where trees and flowers are nearby. Nonetheless, this can be greatly minimized if you opt for artificial grass.

Is Fake Grass Safe For Kids To Play On?

Absolutely! Have you seen playhouses in malls? If yes, you’ve probably noticed they use artificial turf as their flooring. Think about it; if it weren’t safe, they wouldn’t be using it.

Natural grass is inconsistent–there could be holes and pits on the ground, causing your child to trip or fall when running around. The holes can also accumulate water when it rains, creating muddle puddles that result in slippery surfaces, making your lawn prone to accidents.

Artificial grass is designed to have a high drainage rate, which means it doesn’t collect water as much as natural grass. The area it covers is also even, and the texture of the grass is soft. When your child does fall, they will be cushioned.

Where can I get Artificial Turf Miami?

Are You Looking For Artificial Turf in Miami?

Are you finally convinced that artificial grass is safe for your family? Not all fake grass is made the same. We suggest you only trust experts in the Industry.

At Southwest Greens, we offer specially designed artificial turf for commercial and residential use at a fairly reasonable price. Our grass is manufactured using quality standards, proving to be safe for children. Get in touch with us by visiting our website to learn more about our products and the services we offer.

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