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Fake Grass Miami Style

There are numerous advantages to fake grass Miami residents will enjoy after installation by Southwest Greens. Customers often ask us what factors affect the product quality when buying fake grass, and there are several.


Real grass is not just a solid uniform green but includes a blend of many hues and shades of green. Poor quality artificial turf is usually a single, uniform shade that screams “artificial,” especially in the bright Florida sunshine. The best quality fake grass replicates the look of natural grass by randomly blending blades of multiple shades of green. Each color matches shades found in natural grass, and the various blends of colors give the appearance of a natural lawn.


Similar to the way that threads per inch affects the quality of rugs, sheets, and other fabrics, the density of the blades in artificial turf affects its quality. The more blades of artificial grass per inch, the thicker, lusher and more natural the artificial grass will appear.

Blade height

Even when freshly mowed, the individual blades of grass in a natural lawn have some variation in height. The most natural appearance occurs when the blades of artificial grass are relatively uniform, but not exactly the same length. Achieving this effect requires careful manufacturing and quality control.


Some lesser quality artificial turf has poor quality backing that won’t provide adequate drainage or hold the grass securely, causing it to rot or wear out quickly. The best quality fake grass Miami residents can install is porous enough to allow drainage.


High quality artificial grass carries a manufacturer’s warranty as well as an installer’s warranty. The best artificial grass will carry a ten-year warranty. Beware of fake grass with shorter warranty periods.

The Best Fake Grass Miami Residents Can Find

Southwest Greens is one of the oldest and most experienced installers of high-quality artificial turf and golf putting greens in the Miami area, and we install putting greens and artificial sports surfaces for customers throughout Florida. As you would expect from a company owned by Shaw Industries, the fake grass Miami residents receive form Southwest Greens is a high quality product, made entirely in the USA.

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