How Turf Helps Your Sport Game

June 20, 2021
June 20, 2021

Before the invention of artificial grass in Vero Beach, professional baseball, football, and soccer athletes always played on a natural grass surface. To maintain their performance, the grass has to be regularly cut, trimmed, and maintained. 

Fast forward to a few decades later, you’ll notice that most arenas only use artificial turf. In fact, the world’s most famous stadiums have permanently switched to fake grass because artificial grasses are easier to maintain. Does this switch affect players and their performance?  

Artificial Grass Vero Beach

How Does Artificial Turf Improve Your Game

Sports Safety

The first-ever artificial turf was developed during the 1960s. It was first introduced to the public when it was installed in 1966 at the Houston Astrodome. After its success, many professional stadiums followed suit. Today, in America alone, you’ll find many stadiums and fields with artificial grass-lined surfaces. 

It’s not just the aesthetics that make artificial grass widely loved by sports enthusiasts. One of the major advantages of using fake grass is the safety it provides to athletes. Games that are played on fake grass typically result in fewer injuries compared to games that were played on natural grass. This is good news not just to players but to the coaches as well. 

The reason why injuries are prevented is because of the padded texture of artificial turf. Modern-day fake grass is innovatively designed to ensure that they’re comfortable to stand or run on. Manufacturers used an interior infill that combines a layer of drainage, shock-absorbent pads, and fake fibers so that when a player falls, the impact will not be as intense. 

Fake grass is not only beautiful to look at but it’s also comfortable to play in. In other words, artificial turf is sports-friendly. Whenever players fall or get tackled, their chances of sustaining an injury or a concussion will be significantly reduced.

Faster Moves 

Another benefit of using fake grass on professional playing fields is it allows players to move faster and become more agile in their movements. This helps improve their overall performance.  

According to a study published from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, in a 40-yard dash, players who played on natural grass averaged about 5.33 seconds, while those who played on fake grass averaged 5.34 seconds. While it might not seem like much, artificial grass can mean the difference between being called safe or out at first base. 

Artificial Grass Vero Beach

Are You Looking to Use Artificial Grass in Vero Beach? 

Whether you’re planning to set it up for the field or your very own backyard so you can practice, we have all the options you need. If studies support the use of artificial turf, we can’t see any reason why you shouldn’t. It’s dependable, durable, and can help improve your performance. 

At Southwest Greens, we are proud and confident in our ability to offer you high-quality finished products. This has always been our promise to all our clients. Our complete warranty covers turf defects, and our turf installation supersedes all others. 

When it comes to quality, our reputation speaks for itself. Get in touch with us so we can discuss your needs further. 

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