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The Benefits Of Using A Turf Cooling System

JULY 27, 2022

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Have you noticed that many playing fields and sports arenas use artificial turf in Miami instead of natural grass? Studies show that using synthetic grass allows for more control and provides consistency in the flooring. Athletes don’t have to worry about an uneven playing surface that could cause them to lose their footing or affect the speed of the ball.

Unfortunately, artificial turf can get hot when exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods, causing discomfort for both coaches and players. Artificial turf manufacturers know that this drawback could affect the demand for fake grass. Luckily, turf cooling systems can help reduce the surface temperatures of playing fields, especially during the summer.

The Benefits of Using a Turf Cooling System on Fake Grass

What Is a Turf Cooling System? 

The demand for turf cooling systems has been at an all-time high since it was introduced in the market. Since many residential and commercial properties are now using artificial grass, adding a turf cooling system will become part of maintenance care. It’s a system that functions by lowering the temperature of artificial grass during hot months. 

The concept behind this system is evaporative cooling, where the grass itself absorbs the heat and stores moisture. When the sunlight touches the grass, a process called evaporative cooling is instigated where the solar energy gets transmitted to a water source, preventing the grass from getting hot.  

How Can You Benefit From a Turf Cooling System? 

Prevents Fatality Due to Heat Stroke 

Coaches and players are concerned that the high temperatures on turf fields could cost athletes their lives. Did you know that since 1995, around 65 football players have died because of heat stroke? 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, out of the 65 players, 47 were in high school while 13 were in college and the other two organized activities. An estimated 90% of these fatalities happened during practice. 

These appalling numbers of deaths will likely convince you to ditch artificial grass and question if it’s worth it. Well, today’s artificial grass has built-in modern infill cooling technologies that significantly reduce the temperatures of the turf. Even if it’s hot outside, your artificial grass remains cool. 

Turf infill is a cushioning system that acts as a shock absorber in case of falls. It also extends the life of your artificial turf by keeping the blades upright. Besides a turf infill, adding a cooling technology system to your turf will reduce heat-related illnesses. 

Athletes Play Better 

Did you know that humidity and high heat can create problems for athletes? One, it increases their body temperature, and two, it can lead to dehydration. An increased body temperature known as hyperthermia can negatively impact muscle endurance, reducing the athletes’ muscles to contract repeatedly for long periods. 

Obviously, this will affect their performance. When artificial turf is cooled using advanced technological cooling systems, their body temperature will not become affected, allowing them to play better. 

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