When is the Best Time to Install Fake Grass?

April 30, 2020
April 30, 2020

Have you decided to go for Synthetic Lawns Miami? It’s a tough choice to make especially if you’re used to natural grass but if you have decided to switch to fake grass we’re sure you have a few questions in mind. One of the things homeowners want to know is when is the best time to install fake grass. Is it in the morning or in the afternoon? Should you install it during summer or spring? Let’s find out.

When Should You Install Artificial Grass?

During Your Free Time

If it isn’t obvious enough, the best time to install your Synthetic Lawns Miami is during your free time. It doesn’t matter what time of day you want to install it because this will not affect the look of your fake grass. Truth be told, there is no perfect time to install your synthetic lawn. However, what’s important is to schedule a time for installation. Are you busy during the weekdays? If you are, then the best time to install it is during the weekend. It’s that simple.

There’s a Better Season for Installation

Although there is no cut and dried rule as to when you should install your Synthetic Lawns Miami, there is one season that is better than the rest. Most homeowners prefer to have their fake grass installed at the beginning of spring. There are also those who prefer to install fake grass during the winter season since the ground is relatively softer compared to summer.

Do You Want to Learn More About Synthetic Lawns Miami?

Are you ready to install your fake grass? At Southwest Greens, we are proud and confident in our ability to provide you with a high quality finished product. This is our promise to all our clients. Our complete warranty covers turf defects and our turf installation supersedes all others. When it comes to quality, our reputation speaks for itself. Get in touch with us by visiting our website to learn more about our products and the services we offer.

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