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Our goal is the same today as it was when we started in 2002: to be the very best design-build turf company in the industry. We use a proven design-build methodology to bring our clients’ vision to life while delivering the very best products and experience.

We serve clients from coast-to-coast – across an array of applications, commercial, residential, schools, municipalities, professional sports, etc.. Our expert team of executives, project managers and installers are capable of designing and building the most beautiful projects anywhere in the state.

Southwest Greens of Florida is all about Quality Installations, Creative Design and Best-in-Class Turf products. When done right, a top notch turf project awes the beholder in its aesthetic beauty and realistic appearance. Built to last the test of time by craftsmanship level of installation is what we are after. We strive to set the standard for what is best in our industry. This is accomplished through dedicated professionals who truly care about successful outcomes. Our pricing is fair and built line item by line item to the unique needs of your project.  

When choosing a company to work with on your project, we hope you appreciate who we are and what we offer. First of all, we care about making you a happy, valued customer. Achieving this goal requires meeting or exceeding your expectations, so from beginning to end, our process brings together the key ingredients to success as best summarized below. Thank you for your consideration and we hope you choose Southwest Greens!

Why Southwest Greens Florida?

Who Has...



Top Quality Turf

The turf is from top quality US manufacturer Shaw Industries (as opposed to an import distributor)

Artificial Turf in the state of Florida

Warranties worth the paper they are printed on from both Shaw (product) and Southwest Greens (installation)

Artificial Turf in the state of Florida
Trained, Certified & Skilled Installers

Installers that are company employees with many years of experience in installing all types of turf applications

Artificial Turf in the state of Florida
Motivated Installation Crews

Crews that are rewarded for getting jobs done on time and with no call backs for quality issues or other problems

Artificial Turf in the state of Florida
Construction Management Pros

Professionals on staff that are educated and experienced in construction

Artificial Turf in the state of Florida
In-House Design

CAD design and takeoff capabilities in-house along with outside golf course designer relationships

Artificial Turf in the state of Florida
Full Insurance

Full insurance coverages to handle large scale, multi-million dollar exposure projects

Artificial Turf in the state of Florida
Over 22 Years of Experience as a Company

Plus over 60 years of combined experience from the people in it

Artificial Turf in the state of Florida
Impeccable Golf Industry CV

With completed projects for Jack Nicklaus, Rory McIlroy, Rickie Fowler, Dustin Johnson, Louie Oosthuizen, Joaquin Neimann… and more!

Artificial Turf in the state of Florida

For over 20 years, Southwest Greens of Florida has built a reputation based on quality in the synthetic turf industry. Our business is driven by relationships built with high-end landscape architects, custom home builders, GC’s, landscape contractors and designers. We are the largest Southwest Greens dealer in the world by regularly installing over 600,000 square feet of turf per year. 

Better Team

Family. That’s what we are all about. Our company culture integrates passion and dedication, in every department, to allow us to deliver a superior experience for our clients. We invest in our people and provide extensive training to keep our staff on the leading edge of industry trends and best practices.

Better Planning

Our design-build process focuses on understanding our client’s project by using our extensive knowledge and experience to provide peace-of-mind. Our superior planning methods and skilled team provide the blueprint for project success.

Better Execution

All of our project managers are highly trained and employ the latest technology and Installation techniques. Our focus on client communication is paramount to understanding their vision and providing the most exclusive experience. We are proud of our 5 year stretch voted best putting greens by Golf Digest

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