What are the Benefits of a Turf Cooling System?

December 26, 2021
December 26, 2021

What do Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Las Vegas, Texas, and Georgia have in common? These states can get extremely hot during the summer months. This wouldn’t be a problem if you’re using natural grass since you just need to hose it down with water, but what about homes that use artificial turf in Tampa for their front lawn or backyard? 

Can fake grass get damaged when it gets exposed to the scorching summer sun? Nevertheless, even if fake grass doesn’t get damaged, would you want to sit on red-hot grass? That would be uncomfortable, right? Luckily, advancements in technology have found ways to keep your fake grass cool during hot summer days, all thanks to a turf cooling system. 

Artificial Turf Tampa used outdoors

What are the Perks of Using a Turf Cooling System?   

Can Fake Grass Withstand Heat? 

According to research, artificial turf can withstand heat up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. The blades of fake grass are innovatively designed to support air circulation and deflect light. But just because they can absorb heat well doesn’t mean you can’t make some improvements. Today, quite a number of companies are offering a simple solution that prevents your artificial turf from heating up during the summer. 

What Is a Turf Cooling System? 

A turf cooling system is a specially designed system that aims to lower the temperature of your artificial grass during the summer. It works through the principle of evaporative cooling. The turf itself absorbs and stores moisture.  

When the heat of the sun hits the artificial turf, evaporation takes place. The solar energy doesn’t heat up the turf blades but instead gets transmitted to the water source. When this happens, it prevents the temperature of artificial grass from rising. 

What Are the Benefits of a Turf Cooling System? 

Well, the most obvious benefit of a turf cooling system, as the name implies, is its unique ability to use solar rays to cool down artificial grass through the evaporative cooling process. Several tests were made showing that turf cooling systems can lower the temperature down to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Most turf cooling systems are equipped with antibacterial properties. This additive helps keep the surface clean while at the same time shielding your grass from harmful microorganisms like viruses, fungi, bacteria, and protozoans. It also discourages mold and mildew growth. 

Where Can You Apply Turf Cooling Systems? 

Backyard weddings and concert venues can benefit profoundly from using turf cooling systems. Other examples are commercial landscape, residential landscape, dog runs, sports fields (stadiums, golf courses), parks, and recreational areas, among others.  

Is It a Good Idea to Invest in a Turf Cooling System? 

If you live in states that get extremely hot during the summer, we are convinced that getting a turf cooling system, whether for your home or business, is a good idea. With a turf cooling system, your mind will be at ease knowing that the temperature of your fake grass is regulated no matter how hot it can get outside. 

Artificial Turf Tampa used in commercial resort

Do You Have More Questions About Artificial Turf Tampa and Turf Cooling Systems? 

If you want to learn more about fake grass and cooling systems, we’ll be more than happy to discuss these matters with you. 

At Southwest Greens, we are confident in our ability to provide you with a high-quality finished product. This is our promise to all our clients. Our complete warranty covers turf defects, and our turf installation supersedes all others. When it comes to quality, our reputation speaks for itself. Get in touch with us to learn more about our products and the services we offer. 

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