Your Guide To Caring For Artificial Grass

October 12, 2020
October 12, 2020

While it’s true that artificial turf in Orlando requires lesser maintenance compared to natural grass, it doesn’t mean you can just leave it as is. Artificial grass still needs some TLC but it’s not as demanding as real grass. However, you still need to care for your artificial grass to keep it looking beautiful all year round. If you care for your artificial grass properly, it will last you for years. Let’s find out more.

Where is Artificial Turf Orlando?

How Can You Look After Your Artificial Grass?


To maintain the attractiveness of your artificial turf, you can brush it lightly at least once a week. If you’re busy, every other week is also sufficient. Furthermore, a light brushing will help remove fallen twigs and leaves from your lawn. However, make sure you handle it with extreme care. If you are not gentle when you brush, it may misshape your grass. The ideal brush type for cleaning fake grass is a soft-bristled medium brush. In addition, be sure to brush in the opposite direction of the grass fibers.

Remove Leaves

Besides brushing, you can also use a leaf blower to remove fallen leaves. Usually, homeowners remove the leaves after a windy day. Therefore, blow them in the direction you want your leaves to go. It’s also easier to blow dry leaves compared to wet leaves since they are lighter. So, wait for a dry, sunny day before bringing out the leaf blower.

Where is Artificial Turf Orlando?

Are You Looking To Replace Your Artificial Turf in Orlando?

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