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Have you seen artificial grass before? If you say you haven’t, perhaps you just didn’t know you were looking at artificial turf in Miami. Today’s advancements in technology have allowed manufacturers to produce fake grass that mimics the exact look and feel of real grass.

Artificial turf is often seen in sports arenas, but today, you’ll find it being used in homes and commercial buildings. One of the main reasons people are slowly shifting to fake grass is because of its low maintenance cost.

Artificial grass is also designed for heavy-duty use since it is proven and tested in sports fields. Keeping it in shape only requires minimal cleaning. There won’t be any trimming, irrigation, the constant need for sunlight, and you don’t have to shell out cash for fertilizers to keep the blades green and healthy. They will continue to look the same as the first day you had them installed.

Important Facts About Artificial Turf

What Is The History of Artificial Turf?

Artificial turf in Orlando gained tremendous popularity way back in 1966 when it was used in the Astrodome. The product used then was called “ChemGrass” and it was developed by Monsanto.

During the late twentieth century, the term AstroTruf became a generic name for fake grass. The first batch was replaced with a second-generation followed by the third generation. The second batch had longer fibers and they used sand infills.

Meanwhile, the third batch, the ones we see being used today, is a combination of recycled rubber and sand infills known as rubber crumb.

How is fake grass in Tampa made? How does plastic create beautiful lush lawns?

Fake grass uses white plastic pellets that serve as the base. These pellets are then mixed with green pellets to secure the color, as well as U.V., additives, and stabilizers.

Special equipment is needed to melt the plastic and then it gets squeezed through a steel plate. They exit the steel plate as strands and are brought to a trough of water to solidify the plastic mixture. Another machine will pull the strands using a pully to separate them.

Next, rollers will stretch the strands until they achieve the thinness of real grass. Spools will hold the strands and once it’s filled, they are strewn together to form yarns. The yarns are placed inside the tubing and into a tufting machine. The machine has about two hundred needles that hook the yarn.

Tiny knives underneath will cut the ends of the yarn to make them look like real grass blades and the backing is placed in a coating roller where it gets an adhesive applied to it. It will then be dried in the open air as well as an enclosed area. After drying, hot pins are used to create small holes in the artificial turf for drainage.

Are You Interested in Artificial Turf in Miami?

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